• We help property owners become Airbnb hosts.

    We are passionate about making Japan a better place by increasing the amount of face to face interactions between people from overseas and Japanese locals through Airbnb.

  • Do you have these problems?

    "My rental income is decreasing and I'm worried about the loans"

    "I want to generate revenue with my spare rooms / properties, but I'm not sure how"
    "I want to host and interact with people from all over the world"

    Airbnb could be the solution

  • What is Airbnb?

    Airbnb is a community marketplace where guests can book spaces from hosts, connecting people who have free space with those who are looking for a place to stay.


    Airbnb reimburses the hosts for covered property damage made by guests up to 80,000,000 Yen.

    There are about 3000 Airbnb listings in Japan, of which, approximately 2000 are in Tokyo. Airbnb has huge potential to grow in Japan as the Japanese government has recently passed a law encouraging people to have guests at their property without a hotel license in anticipation of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

    $30 billion 

    Valuation of Airbnb (about the same as Aeon Group in Japan)

    2500+ employees

    The number of Airbnb employees all over the world (Japan and Singapore office are available in Asia)

    192 countries

    The number of counties that offer Airbnb listings to stay.

    25m+ guests

    The number of people who have used Airbnb to stay.

    30k+ listings

    The number of Airbnb listings in Japan. 

  • Our services for property owners in Japan

  • 1. Airbnb Host Support Service

    We understand many property owners cannot manage their property on Airbnb due to a variety of reasons. We are here to help!


    We provide everything from

    Airbnb page and welcome guide creation, guest screening,

    optimizing daily prices to maximize revenue, prompt communication with guests,

    key drop-off, assisting guests on the site, cleaning the room after checkout,

    creating a monthly income report, and reporting any problems to Airbnb.

    Airbnb Listing &

    Welcome Guide

    We create a welcome guide for your guests that contains directions to your listing, check-in procedures, house rules, recommended places, how to use equipment or appliances on your property, and any other special instructions.

    Photographing Properties

    We take high-quality photos of your property and the surrounding area to include on the Airbnb page making your listing more appealing to prospective guests.

    Airbnb Account Creation

    & Management

    We help you create an Airbnb account that we can use to list your property.

    Booking & Inquiry Management

    We answer all inquiries quickly to get you more bookings. We also communicate with guests to provide them with the best experience.

    Screening Potential Guests

    We reduce the risk of an unpleasant experience for you and guests. We can carefully select the guests in accordance with your preferences.

    Price Optimization

    We dynamically adjust the daily price of your property listing based on seasonal availability, demand, and booking trends to maximize your monthly revenue and occupancy rates.

    Guest Support

    Our support team is available by phone and email to support guests during their stay. From help finding the property to how to use a coin locker at a train station, we strive to help streamline the experience once the guests have arrived in Japan.

    Lockbox Key Exchange

    We provide a secure lockbox solution for managing key exchange allowing for a convenient check-in and check-out for guests.

    Cleaning & Laundry Services

    We clean your property and linen after guests's checkout. We can also restock consumable items for you, such as toilet paper and shampoo. We charge between 1000 to 4000 yen monthly depending on the size of the space

    Monthly Income Report

    We generate an income report for each listing every month listing revenue and expenses. It's shared online through Google Sheets so you can have access to your data when it's convenient for you.

    Emergency Contact

    We can serve as an emergency contact and can respond to situations that require immediate attention at your property should they arise.

  • Pricing

    Our Airbnb host support service fee is 20% of the combined Airbnb revenue* + Airbnb cleaning fee.



    Cleaning and laundry service range from 6200 yen depending on the size of your property.



    *Airbnb Revenue = (Airbnb accommodation fee + Airbnb cleaning fee) - Airbnb Host Fee (3%)


  • 2. Design & Renovation

    Our architect Shinsuke Yokoyama and metal worker Kodai Kawai work together to make your listing really stand out. We can create a customized design plan, build unique furniture or buy/setup IKEA furniture for your space. Price is dependent upon your project budget and needs so please ask us for more information.

    Interior Design

    We design beautiful interiors for your home based on your needs, personality and budget.


    We renovate your home and make custom furniture for you.

    Shopping at IKEA

    We buy furniture and kitchen material at IKEA on your behalf.

    Assembling IKEA furniture

    We assemble IKEA furniture and place it in your home.


    Interested in Investing In Rental Property in Japan?

    We partner with great realtors who have years of experience dealing with foreign clients to help you get set up with your rental property.

  • Design & Renovation Examples

    We are passionate about creating unique experiences for Airbnb guests with design and renovation services for house/apartment owners.

    We work with local creators to make your home stand out from other Airbnb listings.

    A great example of this is our Tokyo Art Room.


    We created the concept of having an art gallery inside your room. Working with local creators we renovated the room and fitted it with custom furniture.

    Tokyo Art Room has attracted many guests and received incredibly positive feedback although its price is higher than the average Airbnb listing in the same area.

    Studio apt, Yoyogi Koen

    Average price
    13,500 yen for first guest + 2500 yen for additional guests 
    Average guests: 2 people
    Average revenue per day: 16,000 yen

    Occupy rate
    May 23/31 74.1% (about 300k yen)
    June 26/30 86.6% (about 320k yen)
    July 20/31 64.5%(about 300k yen)
    Aug 19/31 61.2% (about 290k yen)
    Sep 24/30 80% (about 350k yen)
    Oct 25/31 80.6% (about 420k yen)

    2nd Tokyo Art Room, Akasaka

    Average price

    14,000 yen for first guest + 2500 yen for additional guests
    Average guests:2 people
    Average revenue per day: 16,500 yen

    Occupy rate
    Aug 19/31 61.2% (about 250k yen)
    Sep 22/30 73.3% (about 340k yen)
    Oct 23/31 74.1% (about 340k yen)

    House, Yoyogi Koen

    Average price:

    11,500 yen for first guest, + 2,500 yen for additional guests
    Average guests: 2 people
    Average revenue per night: 14,000 yen


    Occupy rates:
    May 18/31 58% (about 240k yen)
    Jun 17/30 56.6% (about 220k yen)
    Jul 26/31 83.8% (about 220k yen)

    Aug 16/31 51.6% (about 220k yen)
    Sep 17/30 56.3% (about 220k yen)
    Oct 21/31 67.1% (about 260k yen)


    House, Sangenjyaya

    We designed the room to create an "Ace Hotel" like interior.


    Please feel free to ask us about Airbnb and our services.
    We will respond to you as soon as we can!

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